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Leeches are live water animals. Shipping time is very important in different weather conditions. Usual shipping time between 2 to 4 days. Our shipping days are Monday through Thursday. Our processing time is generally 1 day and not exceed 3 days.  Due to in-climate weather  there are situations where processing time for orders can be longer than one day. We reserve the right to hold leeches due to in-climate weather.  Our shipping cut off is 11 AM PST.  We do not ship leeches on Friday to avoid any mishaps with Saturday/Monday delivery. When processing is delayed due to weather (heat mainly since leeches are comfortable with the cold) you may receive your tracking number but the box won’t be scanned until the leeches are bagged and packed. Leeches will be shipped in container with little water to preserve moist environment necessary for leech's survival during shipping. All leeches go out in an insulated box, with a heating element to keep the leeches warm when its cold outside and when it’s hot we pack with minimal Styrofoam and tissue paper or newspaper so leeches do not overheat in the insulated box. Should there be any issue with your leeches on arrival,

e-mail us at same day with the picture of the label and a damaged leech next to it (check our refund policy).  We will do whatever needed to ensure a happy transaction.

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